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Discover the epitome of modern and energy-efficient living at Silverstone Village, located in the breathtaking Haasendal Estate. Our development offers 127 x 2 and 3-bedroom single and double garage homes, available in either Plot and Plan or Turnkey options. Enjoy panoramic views of the stunning Hottentots Holland Mountain Range, while bordering the prestigious Hazendal Wine Estate and Kuils River Golf Club. At Silverstone Village, owners have access to the exclusive Lifestyle Clubhouse, featuring a gym, pool, coffee lounge, paddle courts, and gorgeous green surroundings. Immerse yourself in a community that prioritizes your well-being and offers the best in leisure and entertainment.

Our modern, contemporary green design sets us apart, with insulated and thermally comfortable units that reduce energy costs and provide maximum comfort.  24/7 Guarded access control ensures top notch safety and security.

Join us at Silverstone Village, where you can experience a vibrant and welcoming community that combines comfort, luxury, and security. Come home to a place that you'll be proud to call your own.

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Silverstone 1
Silverstone 2
Silverstone 3
Silverstone 4
Silverstone 5
Silverstone 6
  • Ultra Modern Interior & Exterior

  • Single & Double Storey options

  • Various High-End Finishing options

  • State of the Art Security

  • Lockable Single/double garages

  • Private Garden

  • Separate Title Home

  • Energy & Waterwise

  • Transfer Costs included

  • Levy: ±R1160 per month (approx.)

  • R20,000 Deposit secures

  • 100% Finance Available

This modern single-story 'House Type 1A' offers a sleek layout with an open-plan living and kitchen area, two bedrooms and a versatile 34 square meter additional space for dining or relaxation. It features an 18 (inside measurement) square meter garage with an integrated green space, promoting eco-friendly living. The home's design is characterized by clean architectural lines and large windows, ensuring a well-lit and stylish environment that's perfect for contemporary living.

This contemporary house type 2A boasts a smartly designed floor plan with a spacious living area, modern kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and a unique space perfect for entertaining or relaxing outdoors. With large windows inviting ample natural light, the home features a sleek façade, blending clean lines with a warm, welcoming entrance complemented by tasteful landscaping. An attached garage adds to the convenience of this stylish dwelling, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and comfortable living space.

This modern house type 3 presents a chic, open-concept layout with generous living spaces, thoughtfully designed bedrooms, and an integrated garage. The home is characterized by its contemporary façade, ample window arrangements that promise natural light, and a seamless connection to outdoor living—perfect for those who appreciate style and functionality.

Introducing house type 4, a modern residence that exudes elegance and sophistication. This home features a seamless floor plan that includes a cozy living space, intimate bedrooms, and a convenient garage. The design maximizes comfort with an effortless indoor-outdoor flow, highlighted by a structured façade that offers a blend of privacy and openness. Large windows ensure a bright and airy ambiance, making this house an attractive option for those seeking a contemporary and practical living environment.

House type 5 is a finely crafted dwelling with a smart, airy layout that includes a series of rooms designed for comfort and style. The main living space opens up to a patio, offering an ideal blend of indoor and outdoor enjoyment. With a dedicated garage space, the house ensures functionality alongside its modern aesthetics, featuring a blend of textures on the façade and thoughtful landscaping that enhances the home's welcoming atmosphere.

House type 6 is a stylish two-story residence showcasing a contemporary design with a spacious and versatile layout. The ground floor provides a substantial living area, an attached garage, and access to a covered patio, ideal for outdoor dining or relaxation. The first floor adds private quarters with additional bedrooms or living spaces. The street elevation reveals a striking modern façade with clean lines and expansive windows, creating a standout architectural statement that offers both curb appeal and a sunlit interior.

House type 7 is a single-story home that merges functional design with modern aesthetics. The floor plan includes a spacious living area central to the home, flanked by bedrooms and service areas for convenience and privacy. A double garage and a cozy covered patio provide additional space for vehicles and outdoor enjoyment. The front elevation portrays a sleek appearance with a symmetrical gable roof and large windows, offering a clean and inviting look with plenty of natural light filtering through the home.

House type 8 reflects a thoughtful layout crafted for those who value space and modern design. This single-story abode features a generous living area that acts as the heart of the home, comfortable bedrooms, and a practical kitchen space. The sizable double garage is a standout convenience, and the covered patio extends living to the outdoors, perfect for al fresco leisure. The front elevation shows off a distinctive gabled roofline and large windows that not only contribute to the home's visual appeal but promise a light-filled interior.


School Name


  • Haasendal School (future)

  • Destinates Private School

  • Curro Brakenfell

  • Curro Castle

  • De Kuilen High School

  • Young Eagles Christian Academy

  • De Kuilen Primary School

  • Mikro Primary

  • Brackenfell Primary

  • Bellville HTS

  • Kuils River Primary

  • Brackenfell High School

  • Northpine Technical School

  • Brooklands Primary

  • Labiance Primary

  • Hebron Christian School

Distance from Haasendal Estate

0.0 km

0.5 km

1.8 km

1.8 km

2.6 km

2.7 km

2.8 km

2.9 km

3.6 km

3.6 km

3.8 km

3.9 km

3.8 km

3.9 km

3.9 km

4.0 km



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