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Why the Western Cape Remains the Pinnacle of Buy-to-Let Property Investments in 2023

The South African residential rental property market has demonstrated commendable resilience in recent times, especially in light of the financial strain faced by consumers due to soaring living expenses and rising interest rates.

Post-Pandemic Recovery

The residential market outperformed most sectors, rebounding swiftly post the Covid-19 pandemic. With rental escalations witnessing a steady recovery, a significant drop in the vacancy rate, and tenants' unwavering commitment to timely rent payments, the sector stands as a testament to robust adaptability. The South African Reserve Bank's (SARB) strategic interest rate hikes further bolstered the residential rental market, as potential buyers, wary of uncertainties, leaned more towards renting.

Market Dynamics and Consumer Behavior

FNB's House Price Index indicates the fluctuating dynamics of the property market. With the index peaking at 5.1% in Q1 2021, there were indications of a slowdown towards Q4 2021, settling at 2.3% in Q1 2023.

Rental escalations began their recovery around mid-2021, spurred by factors such as higher demand for rental properties, diminishing supply leading to reduced vacancies, and rising maintenance and service costs.

The TPN Market Strength Index, which gauges the balance of demand and supply in the residential rental market, stood at an optimistic 59.14 at the end of March 2023, indicating a higher demand than supply.

National vs. Provincial Performance

TPN Rental Monitor QTR1 2023
TPN Rental Monitor QTR1 2023

Nationally, tenants in good standing dipped slightly to 81%. However, the Western Cape stands out with an impressive 86.78% of tenants in good standing. This showcases the province's commitment to punctual rent payments, making it an attractive investment proposition for property owners.

The Western Cape's rental market has consistently outperformed other provinces. With rental growth pegged at 6.22% and an extremely low vacancy rate of just 1.66%, the province is a magnet for property investments. Notably, landlords in the Western Cape command the highest rents in the country, averaging R12,213 per month for standalone properties.

TPN Rental Monitor QTR1 2023
TPN Rental Monitor QTR1 2023

Rental Prop: Leading the Charge in the Western Cape

Rental Prop, our esteemed rental agency in the Western Cape, has set remarkable benchmarks:

  • Rental escalations at a whopping 8%, surpassing both the national average of 4.35% and the Western Cape's 6.22%.

  • An impressive 95.1% of tenants in good standing, which is well above both the national average of 81% and the Western Cape's 86.7%.

These figures underscore Rental Prop's exceptional performance in a competitive market.

TPN Rental Monitor QTR1 2023
TPN Rental Monitor QTR1 2023


The Western Cape, with its stellar performance metrics, remains the go-to destination for buy-to-let property investments in South Africa. Rental Prop's outstanding statistics further accentuate the region's dominance, making it the ideal choice for both property owners and tenants.

Exciting News: Rental Prop is Moving!

In our continuous pursuit to serve our clients better and to further enhance our service offerings, we're thrilled to announce that Rental Prop is relocating! Our new offices will be situated inside the bustling Haasendal Gables Mall, positioning us right at the heart of activity and closer to many of our valued clients.

This strategic move primarily involves our Sales and Rental admin teams. By stationing these vital teams at a central location, we aim to foster improved interactions, swift response times, and an overall superior client experience.

While we're buzzing with excitement, we understand the importance of a smooth transition for our clients. Hence, we'll soon be announcing the official opening date of our new offices. We're committed to ensuring minimal disruption during this move and look forward to welcoming you to our new space!

haasendal gables mall
House of Realtors & Rental Prop moving to the Mall

Rental Prop moving to Haasendal Gables Mall
Rental Prop moving to Haasendal Gables Mall


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