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Silverstone Estate: A New Level of Luxury in Haasendal

Artist impressions of Silverstone Estate with sketch of woman in front of abstract Silverstone Estate
Silverstone Estate. blended beauty

As the latest addition to the esteemed Haasendal Estate, Silverstone Estate stands at the crossroads of luxurious living and nature's splendour. Not just a new phase, but an evolution in concept, Silverstone's unique location at the heart of Haasendal, surrounded by panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Hottentot Holland Mountain range, represents an unparalleled fusion of design and environment.

Taking cues from contemporary architecture, Silverstone's design ethos is in harmony with its natural setting. Immaculate aesthetics blend with practical utility in these homes, allowing for residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. Sweeping vistas of mountains and rolling hills aren't just sights to behold; they become the backdrop to an everyday lifestyle.

The Estate offers a wide range of options to suit a variety of needs, with 80 luxury apartments priced from just over R1 million, and 127 luxury homes from R2,385,000. The first phase is has just launched with 38 turnkey homes. Most homes feature expansive garages and the comfort of thermally insulated units, designed to keep the indoor climate just right.

These features aren't just about comfort, but also underscore Silverstone's commitment to energy-efficient green design.

More than just residences, Silverstone Estate aims to foster a community. The addition of a modern clubhouse with a fully-equipped gym and entertainment area provides a social hub for residents. Beautiful artist impressions of the clubhouse show an elegant and inviting space, perfect for socializing, exercising, or simply unwinding.

Adding to its allure, Silverstone is nestled next to the Haasendal greenbelt, boasting large green open spaces for those who find serenity in the lap of nature. A public open space, accessible and welcoming, serves as a testament to the estate's dedication to communal living and shared experiences.

Security is a priority at Silverstone Estate. The estate is access-controlled, ensuring the safety of its residents. The incorporation of secure ground-floor parking and a lift in the apartment building (Silverviews) provides added convenience and peace of mind.

Both single-storey and double-storey dwellings are available, as well as apartment units, offering potential homeowners a plethora of choices. Whether it's the charm of a single-storey home, the spaciousness of a double-storey dwelling, or the practicality of an apartment unit, Silverstone Estate caters to all preferences.

In essence, Silverstone Estate represents a harmonious blend of luxury, community, and tranquility. With the splendor of the surrounding landscapes, the thoughtfulness in design, and the emphasis on community and security, Silverstone Estate is shaping up to be not just an addition, but a significant evolution of the Haasendal Estate legacy.

For more information, visit Discover the promise of Silverstone Estate: a haven where nature's beauty meets modern living.


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