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Houses and apartments to buy or rent within this secure, centrally located estate.

Looking for luxury estate living? Look no further than Haasendal Estate, where you’ll find an array of houses and apartments available for purchase or rent within a secure, central location.

Convenience and elegance come together in the three unique developments within the estate: Greystone Village for family homes, Silverstone Village for family homes, and The Links for apartments.

As a multi-billion rand development, Haasendal Estate boasts a modern urban design that caters to all aspects of residential, commercial, retail, and leisure real estate. It’s the perfect place to live, work, play, and shop, all in one convenient location.

What sets Haasendal Estate apart is the incredible attention to detail and architectural design of each individual development, with a superb play of colors, contrast, textures, and elements that create a unique signature for each development while cleverly complementing the bigger picture.

Experience the ultimate in luxury living at Haasendal Estate. Contact us today to learn more or watch our video here:.

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