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Landlords, Know What Tenants Want!

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The Western Cape's rental market is bustling with diversity and demand, particularly in rental brackets above R7,000 per month. As a property investor or landlord in this region, understanding tenant preferences is crucial for maximizing rental yield and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

The 2024 TPN Tenant Survey offers comprehensive insights that can help shape investment strategies and property offerings.

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Key Financial Insights

A significant finding from the survey is that a large percentage of tenants are renting due to financial constraints, with 58% indicating that they cannot afford to purchase property. This suggests a robust demand for rental properties, particularly at higher price points where tenants may have financial stability but still find homeownership out of reach. Investors should note the importance of pricing properties correctly to attract this tenant base while ensuring a good return on investment.

Gender Differences in Tenant Preferences

The survey reveals distinct preferences between male and female tenants, which can guide landlords in targeting their properties more effectively:

  • Male Tenants: Men tend to rent in higher value bands, with a significant number looking for properties in the R7,000 to R12,000 range. They prioritize property types such as free-standing houses and show a strong preference for properties that offer proximity to work and robust security features.

  • Female Tenants: Female tenants often rent in lower value bands and show a preference for sectional titles, flats, and townhouses. Security is a critical factor, along with the rental price. Female tenants are also more likely to value properties that are pet-friendly and have a private garden.

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Lease Preferences and Property Features

From the survey, it is clear that tenants value certain lease structures and property features:

  • Lease Structures: Tenants prefer leases with low escalation rates and no deposit requirements, reflecting a desire for financial predictability and stability. Landlords might consider these structures to attract long-term tenants.

  • Security and Amenities: Both male and female tenants place a high value on security. Properties that offer excellent security systems and safe environments are more likely to attract and retain tenants. While amenities like pools and gyms are appreciated, the survey indicates that the essential features tenants look for are security, price, and the overall condition of the property.

Challenges to Address

Landlords must be proactive in addressing the challenges tenants face. The top challenges include timely repairs and maintenance and adequate parking. By ensuring that these areas are managed efficiently, landlords can improve tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

Investment Implications

For investors, the survey's insights suggest that there is a stable demand for rental properties in the Western Cape, particularly among tenants who value security and affordability. Properties that cater to these needs, along with flexible lease terms and effective property management, are likely to perform well.

Investors should also consider the demographic trends highlighted by the survey. With a significant portion of tenants not planning to purchase homes soon, rental properties will continue to be in demand. Catering to this market by understanding and addressing their preferences can lead to successful property investments.


In conclusion, the Western Cape rental market offers significant opportunities for savvy investors and landlords who understand tenant preferences. By focusing on strategic pricing, security, preferred property types, and efficient property management, you can attract a stable tenant base and maximize your investment returns. Remember, a satisfied tenant is often a long-term tenant, and understanding their needs is the first step towards achieving this goal.


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