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River Quarter: Elevating Haasendal Estate & Beyond

River Quarter artist impression - Credit Swindon Property

In a landmark move set to transform the economic landscape of Kuils River and Brackenfell surrounds, the announcement of the River Quarter development heralds a new era of prosperity and growth. Positioned just across the road from the prestigious Haasendal Estate, this R3.8 billion project, a collaborative effort between VDMV Property Holdings and Good Find Properties, a subsidiary of Communicare, promises to redefine the commercial and social fabric of the area.

As detailed in a recent Swindon Property article, the River Quarter's strategic location on Bottelary Road, nestled between Haasendal Gables and Soneike Shopping Centre, is a testament to the visionary planning and commitment to excellence shared by its developers. With the sod-turning event marking the commencement of this ambitious journey, the development is poised to unfold over the next five to ten years, bringing with it a vibrant blend of destination retail and business spaces.

A Catalyst for Economic Growth

The project's initial phase is set to introduce a dynamic retail and business hub, accommodating enterprises of all sizes. With anchor tenants like Food Lover's Market and Builder's Warehouse preparing to open their doors by early 2025, River Quarter is on course to become a thriving epicenter for commerce and innovation. Gary Luyt, a director at VDMV, emphasizes the project's inclusivity, promising a welcoming environment for large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and budding startups alike.

James Vos, Mayco member for economic opportunity in the City, hails the River Quarter initiative as a significant driver of job creation and economic vitality. An estimated 4,500 new jobs are expected to emerge from this development, marking a significant milestone in Cape Town's journey towards sustainable growth. Vos's advocacy for leveraging land assets to stimulate economic prosperity highlights the strategic importance of projects like River Quarter in shaping the city's future.

River Quarter artist impression - Credit Swindon Property

Integrated Communities and Unparalleled Accessibility

Thabo Mashologu of Communicare highlights the project's commitment to fostering integrated communities where residents can live, work, and thrive. As Cape Town anticipates a surge in population growth, the River Quarter is poised to play a crucial role in accommodating this increase, promoting a balanced urban development.

Moreover, the development's location at the nexus of major transportation arteries ensures unparalleled accessibility. Its proximity to the N1 and N2 national routes, the R300 freeway, and Cape Town International Airport, coupled with a pedestrian-friendly design, expansive green spaces, and ample parking facilities, sets a new standard for commercial and retail excellence.

A Windfall for Haasendal Estate Residents

For residents of Haasendal Estate, the River Quarter development is more than just a neighboring commercial hub—it's a gateway to enhanced lifestyle and investment opportunities. The influx of businesses and the creation of thousands of jobs are expected to boost the local economy, thereby increasing the value of properties within Haasendal Estate. The convenience of having a wide range of amenities and services at one's doorstep cannot be overstated, promising a blend of luxury, convenience, and connectivity.

Property Investment Tip: House of Realtors
Property Investment Tip: House of Realtors

As we embrace this new chapter, Haasendal Estate stands to benefit immensely from the growth and vibrancy the River Quarter promises to bring. This development is not just a testament to the potential of Kuils River but also an opportunity for residents and investors alike to be part of a thriving community, characterized by innovation, growth, and prosperity.


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Haasendal Estate 1 - 15 March 2024 stats

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For more information on how you can be part of this transformative journey and explore the opportunities at Haasendal Estate, contact Christo Booysen at 082 494 9255 or Arrange a personal tour or visit our showhouse to discover the lifestyle that awaits you.

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