Since 2006, Elco has been providing comprehensive town and regional planning consultancy services, along with property development and project management services in and around the Western Cape. We strive to offer clients professional yet personalised service, engaging in a close relationship with them in order to provide the best possible service and to ensure a successful outcome for any project we undertake.

What sets Elco apart is the fact that we have a team of experts from various professional backgrounds who have years of experience in the industry on hand. We have extensive experience in town and regional planning, property development and project management, and our team has practical knowledge of the frameworks and policies within each of the areas we practice in.

We do not only have our own team of experts on hand, we also have a close working relationship with a wide network of interdisciplinary contacts, such as professional consulting firms, that are all well respected specialists in their industry. We are therefore able to gather all the inputs we require from these experts in order to effectively help our clients with difficult development and planning processes. This saves clients the trouble of coordinating an entire development and planning process themselves.

Being client orientated, we provide exceptional client service, focussed on paying attention to each of our client’s individual needs. We communicate with our clients on a regular basis, keeping them up to date with the progress being made with their applications and projects. Our approach is defined by attention to detail, and we regularly follow up on the progress being made by our applications in Council or Province.

It is Elco’s aim to provide a comprehensive, professional planning service. We help our clients with the development and planning process through effective project management, ensuring that we deliver a top quality end product, at an affordable rate.

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At Wayne Michael Design one of the most valued aspects that we bring to every project is building and construction knowledge and we are passionate about architectural quality which is only obtained by service and product, we create solutions that are customized to suit each client's personal needs and expectations.  Architecture is also about the trust that one has been entrusted with by a client who is expecting a return on his investmentand enthusiasm.